Marketing & Brand Strategy

At the core of every successful company is a strategic and beautifully executed brand. A successful brand is a company’s human face. People identify with it before they’ve ever had a chance to use a product or service. A well thought-out brand can build loyalty and negate the need for strategies like discounts to drive revenue.

At Esparza, we specialize in helping clients build their brand. This is about much more than the creation of visual elements like logos and color guidelines (though we do that too). We create a comprehensive strategy for how your brand will reach your ideal consumer. We start by digging through the data to uncover your target audience: who they are, where they are, what they like or dislike, what motivates them. Using this target, we build a blueprint to reach your goals. This will become the guiding document that informs all design, placement and messaging decisions.


Once we lay a foundation for your brand, we will turn our focus to your marketing plan. We’ll help you connect the dots and make sense of your metrics in an increasingly complex digital world. Then we’ll build an omni-channel strategy that lays out a customer’s journey with your brand and creates memorable moments and interactions that build upon one another and lead to conversion and ROI.

Just as there are standards, codes and permits for construction, we have internal checkpoints and standards for our work. Memorable experiences don’t just happen. Creative, messaging, placement strategy, everything must work together. Esparza’s goal is to create work that moves the needle for your brand. Our process ensures that we make something that works in the real world, not just something that looks great in a presentation.

Creative Services

At Esparza, we offer world-class creative services to fill the needs of virtually any situation. From core brand elements such as logo design and brand identity packages, to multimedia campaigns–Esparza can do it all.

Our small but nimble and incredibly talented staff of creatives never settles for “good enough.” From creative strategy and concept to final art, our creatives provide engaging and innovative solutions that are as effective as they are beautiful. With the capability to scale from a print ad for a mom-and-pop, to an integrated marketing campaign for one of the nation’s largest financial firms–Esparza’s creative services can adapt and scale to your needs, saving you money over larger agencies while providing a level of work that is unmatched by smaller firms.


We’re proud of the many regional and national awards we’ve won. But what we really want to frame and hang on our walls are the results we get for our clients. More traffic, better ROI, higher conversion rates. We pride ourselves on treating your needs as our own and creating stunning work with measurable results.

With a diverse background, our creative team can offer a new perspective for your brand. Creating innovative work that strikes a chord with your target audience is our specialty, and we like nothing more than delivering upon that goal at every opportunity.

Our creative process is client-inclusive and broken down into easy-to-understand stages so you never feel left in the dark. Esparza can tailor the level of involvement to suit your individual style and the needs and preferences of your organization. We can develop an all-inclusive package for board meetings and leadership presentations and will take each creative step with you, so you feel confident in the decision-making process behind every piece of creative.

At Esparza, we operate in partnership with our clients. No great work exists in a vacuum, and the valuable input our clients provide is an integral piece of our creative process. Together, we can create work that is highly targeted and highly effective. We know a large part of the success of creative work lies in the confidence and bravery of clients when they work with people they trust.

Media Direction & Placement

At Esparza, we understand that every business needs something different in terms of media placement. That’s why we specialize in both digital and traditional media and we customize a plan specifically for your business. Our expertise allows us to create an omni-channel media plan that includes television, outdoor billboards, print and online media like website display ads, search and connected TV. Before we engage in any media buying, we determine your needs, your audience and where your advertisement should appear to best reach them for the most cost-effective ad buys.

Our media capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Outdoor (i.e. billboard, bus-wraps)
  2. Printed-pieces (i.e. magazines, newspapers)
  3. TV & Connected TV (i.e. local/cable, YouTube, Hulu)
  4. Apps & Games (i.e. iOS, Android)
  5. Website Display Networks (i.e. Google, Yahoo)
  6. Social Media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn)
  7. Google Display, Shopping and Search
  8. Bing Ads
  9. Email
  10. Google Maps and Local Search
  11. Radio
  12. Experimental

Esparza also takes pride in our audience targeting. We are able to target by interest, geographic location and demographic information like age, household income, etc.

Digital Marketing Services

Esparza offers a wide-selection of digital marketing services to help you discover your north star. Every business is unique and our approach recognizes that. We start with a Marketing & Planning Workshop that will help you uncover what channels work best for your business, your positioning amongst your competitors, the goals and measurements and finally the strategy to achieve them.

  • Market Research & Strategy
  • Website Design & Development
  • Ecommerce Development & Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Advertising – Google, Facebook, Bing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management (Yelp, Google My Business)
  • Analytics and Reporting

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