Test Drive Mirror: Integrated Campaign For BMW

This unique storefront window display gave potential BMW owners the opportunity to see themselves behind the wheel of a new BMW without actually having to visit the dealership.


See Yourself in a BMW 3 Series

The Need

In the car business, it’s all about “consideration.” Getting people to simply consider a particular car brand or model as part of their new car search is often half the battle to completing a sale. Sandia BMW wanted an ad for the 3 Series that could do more than simply show people what the car looks like, but also get them thinking about how they might look behind the wheel driving one.

The Solution

Sandia BMW purchased a strorefront window in a shopping area where many potential luxury car buyers might see it. To get people to start viewing the 3 Series as the car for them, the window had to be interactive. However, it had to be interactive on a budget. This meant we couldn’t rely on touch-screen or motion-sensing technology to encourage people to interact with the display. We needed a more analog solution. The idea was simple. The window was designed so that anyone walking by could literally see themselves in a new BMW. The window was simply wrapped with a life-size image of a BMW 3 Series, with the inside of the car cut out and replaced with an actual mirror. People who walked by the window could, in effect, then see themselves behind the wheel of the car.

The Results

The window design was estimated to have received over 125,000 impressions per month during its run. This does not include the organic social shares of people posting about their interaction with the display. The display encouraged engagement and excitement about the 3 Series BMW in a simple, but clever and cost-effective way.

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