Anything But Generic: Digital Campaign for Doctor Wise by Hylands

Doctor Wise is a unique menopause product from longtime homeopathic medicine producer Hyland’s. Doctor Wise is comprised of 5 individual products created specifically to suit individual symptoms as well as hot flashes, for any woman going through menopause. These unique formulations were developed by women, for women.

Esparza’s challenge was to increase brand recognition for the products while also creating sales lift through digital mediums only. Our solution was a complete redo of their existing website, supported by strategic placements on the Google display network, highly targeted search ads and a customer-retention email strategy.

Doctor Wise:

How does a fledgling brand in a competitive market
achieve a 7:1 ROI?

The Need

Hyland’s has been providing consumers with natural, homeopathic medicines for more than a century. In 2018, the company developed a new series of formulas designed to help women in their menopausal years get through this challenging time. Launched as a standalone brand, the Doctor Wise product line needed to be introduced to a generation of women and differentiated from long-established competitors.

The Solution

Our creative approach hinged on a key insight: Women going through menopause are more than a list of symptoms. They are individuals with fears, wants and needs in the midst of a disruptive life transition. Where many products in this category focus on symptoms, Doctor Wise would focus on and celebrate the women behind those symptoms. The tagline and brand identity captured this point of view and carried it through every deliverable: “Made for women, by women. Because every woman is unique … and so are her needs.” The brand voice was encouraging and helpful, that of a friend or wise older sister. We paired that unique messaging with a phased digital growth strategy. Phase one built traffic to a branded landing page through a targeted digital ad campaign. The landing page directed customers to trusted brick-and-mortar stores that had picked up the Doctor Wise product line, including Target, CVS and Pharmaca. In phase two, we launched a full ecommerce website and combined digital ads with email, content and social media tactics designed to increase loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. An integrated performance dashboard gave our team and the Doctor Wise team minute-to-minute insight into consumer behavior, allowing us to learn, optimize and adjust to reach our target audience more effectively.

The Results

Traffic to the new website increased by 500 percent immediately following the launch. And with an average cost-per-click (CPC) of just $0.89 on digital ads, the Doctor Wise team was able to reach more consumers in its target market for less. The campaign delivered on revenue as well. For every dollar spent on digital ads, Doctor Wise generated nearly $7 in revenue, a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 6.8. Social media audiences, email list size and site traffic all rose considerably during the campaign.

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