A Cleaner Tomorrow: Innovative Campaign for PNM

PNM, the Public Service Company of New Mexico, is undertaking a very ambitious green energy program. Their plan is one of the most aggressive in the nation, and would make them 100% carbon-free by 2024.

In order to gain public support for their plan, PNM tasked Esparza with spreading the word in a way that would show support and create engagement with the community. Esparza created an exciting digital solution. With an interactive website, a TV spot to generate awareness, and strategic digital outdoor placements, Esparza created a way for the general public to learn more about PNM’s energy plan, and leave their mark of support. Each unique visitor to the site was prompted to leave their mark – a green footprint – to show their support. Every time a footprint was added, the digital outdoor boards would update, showing nearly real-time support for the proposed plan.

Ultimately, it took less than a week for the board to fill completely.


How do you move hearts and minds to believe in a
carbon-free future?

The Need

In late 2018, an unlikely coalition formed in New Mexico. PNM, the state’s public service company, a newly elected governor and local environmentalists are in agreement about introducing one of the most ambitious bills the roundhouse has seen in decades. The legislation would require the state’s electric utilities to get 100 percent of their power from carbon-free sources by 2045, making New Mexico one of only three states in the nation to adopt such a bold target. With the key players in place, the public needed convincing.

The Solution

Such an ambitious goal required more than a simple awareness campaign. It needed to show New Mexicans that they are a part of the solution. The Esparza team created an innovative campaign that married digital and traditional tactics. Outdoor placements encouraged residents to leave a literal green footprint on the outdoor board by visiting a boutique custom-built website that provided educational materials about the initiative. Each time someone visited the site, it generated a unique footprint on the outdoor boards.

The Results

The Website drew 119k visits in organic traffic, generating 119k footprints on the outdoor board, and 119k minds more open to a carbon-free future. In March, 2019 New Mexico passed Senate Bill 489, moving our state toward a carbon-free future with 100% Carbon-Free Utilities by 2045.

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