Top Super Bowl Ads: What Won Us Over This Year

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This year’s Super Bowl commercials exceeded expectations, blending nostalgia, influencers, and humor to captivate millions. From laugh-out-loud moments to emotional tearjerkers, these ads demonstrated why the Super Bowl remains the pinnacle of advertising. Explore our favorites and the “off-the-field winners” of this year’s big game.

Nostalgia Takes Center Stage

Super Bowl ads often capitalize on our love for the good old days, using nostalgia to create memorable commercials. This year was no exception. We saw Coors Light resurrect the iconic “Chill Train” after a 12-year hiatus, Arnold Schwarzenegger reprise his role as the beloved action star (while humorously mispronouncing ‘neighbor’ as ‘neighbaaa’), and the fan-favorite Clydesdale horses making their 46th Super Bowl appearance. Nostalgia, a theme of comfort, resonates deeply as people crave familiarity, making these ads fan favorites.

Big Game Laughs

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Most consumers prefer funny commercials during the big game. ETRADE returned with their iconic baby commercial, this time tapping into the Pickleball craze with a hint of baby trash talk. Arguably, the most memorable commercial was Hellmann’s Mayo Cat, starring Kate McKinnon. This cat became so famous that even Pete Davidson dated it (seriously). The NFL Sunday Ticket commercial pondered: What if NFL players acted like their team names? This concept led to Seahawks, Ravens, and Eagles players mimicking their avian namesakes, providing a hilarious highlight.

Celebrities Galore

This year, 70% of the commercials featured celebrities and influencers, offering a plethora of standout ads. UberEats delivered an unforgettable spot featuring Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, USHER, the Beckhams, and Jelly Roll. Dunkin’s commercial followed up on last year’s, featuring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. This time, Ben visits J-Lo at work (the recording studio) with the “DunKings,” including Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jack Harlow, and Fat Joe. Popeyes brought back Ken Jeong of Hangover and Masked Singer fame to unveil their new chicken wings, humorously adapting him to how much the world has changed. Celebrities ensure instant recognition and relatability in the brief 30 or 60 seconds available to capture audience attention.

Hear from our Founder, Del Esparza, on this year’s Big Game commercial predictions:

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