Partnering with the NM Secretary of State to Fight AI-Generated Misinformation

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Abraham Lincoln holding a boombox highlighting how easy it is in today's society to spread misinformation

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In 2024, artificial intelligence (or AI) has advanced by leaps and bounds.

That rapid advancement has experts concerned about the impact AI-powered “deepfakes” could have on the upcoming presidential election. Today it is simple to go online and create a realistic video, image or audio clip of a major political candidate saying or doing anything. And because AI technology has accelerated so rapidly, many voters are unaware how powerful it is. 

To combat this rising tide of misinformation, the New Mexico Secretary of State and Esparza are collaborating on a state-wide campaign to raise awareness about the potential impact AI can have on the election. The campaign aims to arm individuals with the tools they need to differentiate between real information and AI-generated content and be smart media consumers. 

At Esparza, we’ve been monitoring the progress of artificial intelligence and its potential for both good and bad for a long time. We’re proud to partner on this important campaign with the Office of the Secretary of State.

The Campaign

The “Seeing is No Longer Believing” campaign aims to educate voters about the dangers and signs of AI-generated content. 

“It’s officially election season, and with the primary election happening on June 4, we want all New Mexicans to be aware of AI-manipulated media that could distort the truth about the election and candidates,” said Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver.

“With the creation of deepfakes and other manipulated media through AI software, seeing is no longer believing. We recommend that voters only access information from trusted sources – like their county clerk or the Secretary of State’s Office – while remaining skeptical of material from unknown entities. As the campaign’s tagline states, When In Doubt, Check It Out.”

The campaign launched May 1st and will be broadcast on social media, television stations, radio, outdoor billboards, and print publications​​ across the state in the months leading up to the election. 

“In the pursuit of safeguarding the sanctity of our democratic process, I proudly lead the advertising agency chosen by the New Mexico Secretary of State,” said Del Esparza, Esparza’s CEO. “Our mission is clear: to communicate the potential dangers of AI-altered political advertising, guarding against misinformation that may sway the voter’s choice. We stand committed to supporting the Secretary of State’s office in this noble endeavor.”

How You Can Help

Visit the campaign landing page for tips on how to recognize AI-generated content. Then take the quick quiz on the website to see if you can spot the AI deepfakes. Share the campaign on your social channels and encourage others to educate themselves about the potential for AI to impact the election this year. 

Most importantly, if you see something online this election season that seems unlikely or odd, don’t share it before doing some research and trying to find the original source of the content. When in doubt, check it out! 

If you think you’ve spotted an AI deepfake, you can send it to the New Mexico Office of the Secretary of State using the contact information listed on the landing page.

The Election and Beyond

As we navigate a new era of digital manipulation, maintaining vigilance is crucial. The “Seeing is No Longer Believing” campaign aims to preserve election integrity by promoting digital literacy and critical thinking among voters. By educating ourselves and spreading awareness, we can effectively combat AI-generated misinformation. 

In partnership with the New Mexico Secretary of State, we are committed to equipping New Mexicans with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions. Together, let’s uphold truth and transparency in our democratic process. Remember, When In Doubt, Check It Out.

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