Let AI Do Your Last-Minute Holiday Planning

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At Esparza we’re advocates for meticulous planning. However, we also know that all sorts of things (ahem, life) can sometimes hinder our best intentions. As we approach the holiday season, with a mere 7 days remaining until Christmas, we present you with 10 AI prompts to assist you in various aspects of this festive time. These prompts are designed to help make the merriest and, and sometimes the most stressful, time of the year a little easier.

So Here Are Your AI Prompt Ideas:

1. Holiday Travel Tips:

 Prompt: “Provide me with last-minute travel tips and hacks for a smooth journey during the holiday season.”

2. Quick Christmas Decor Ideas:

 Prompt: “Suggest easy and quick DIY Christmas decorations to spruce up my home in the next 7 days.”

3. Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas:

Prompt: “Generate a list of thoughtful yet budget-friendly last-minute gift ideas for family and friends.”

4. Virtual Holiday Party Games:

 Prompt: “Help me come up with entertaining games for a virtual party with my colleagues or friends.”

5. Festive Cookie Recipes:

Prompt:  “Give me delicious and festive cookie recipes that I can bake in the next 7 days for Christmas.”

6. Last-Minute Gift Wrapping Tips:

Prompt: “Provide creative and efficient last-minute gift wrapping techniques for a polished presentation.”

7. Local Holiday Events in [Your City]:

 Prompt:Find and list local Christmas events happening in [Your City] over the next 7 days.”

8. Christmas Charities to Support:

Prompt: “Suggest reputable charities or causes related to Christmas that I can contribute to in the next week.”

9. Personalized Christmas Card Messages:

 Prompt: “Generate heartfelt and personalized messages for my Christmas cards to friends and family.”

10. Weather Forecast on Christmas Day [Your Location]

Prompt: “Check the weather forecast for Christmas Day in [Your Location] to help me plan any outdoor activities.”

Wishing everyone a truly enchanting, joyful, and rejuvenating holiday season! We hope these suggestions contribute to making your holiday preparations a breeze.

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