Consumer Shift Research

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48% percent of respondents expect brands to take a public stance on social issues like racism.


46% of respondents support local businesses at least once a week.


51% of Black respondents support BIPOC businesses.


28% of respondents would stop purchasing from a brand or company that made a public misstep.

Item 5

Respondents with income > $200K are more likely to stop purchasing from brands who make a public misstep

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and increased attention on racial injustice and inclusivity in our cultural zeitgeist, there is an obvious need for brands and companies to understand changing buyer opinions and behavior.

That’s why, In the summer of 2021, Esparza partnered with Inclusive Market Research Group (IMRG) —a Black, woman-led, full-service research firm that connects brands and organizations with insights from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) audiences to create culturally sensitive branding. Together, we conducted a survey of 693 American consumers to better understand their expectations for brands and companies — particularly in relation to how brands respond to social justice movements, and how important racial diversity really is to consumers — as well as how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their shopping behavior. The data collection, analysis, and visualization of the results required approximately six-months to complete.

What resulted is a study that illuminates how and why companies should take an open, candid, and honest stance about social injustice, diversity and inclusion. These insights provide an opportunity for brands and companies to better connect and engage with different demographics, demonstrate that their brand values are the same as their consumer’s, and gain consumer trust. The findings from our study provide leaders of brands with the insights they need to position themselves properly now and into the future — and take more market share from brands that just stick their heads in the ground hoping all of this will go away.