6 Graphic Design Trends in 2023 to Challenge Your Creativity

Summary: We’re highlighting a few of the top graphic design trends of 2023 here to help spark your creativity.

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As we ease into the new year, the graphic design world continues to transform and align with social and cultural norms and influences.

While trends may come and go, they can help inspire a new outlook and challenge your creativity, which just might lead to some fresh new design elements or solutions you can incorporate into your brand. We’re highlighting a few of the top graphic design trends of 2023 here to help spark your creativity.

1. Maximalism

“More is more” is the mantra behind this trend. Expect to see bold colors, layered images or illustrations and typography all woven together into an energetic, complex layout.

2. Vintage + Retro Aesthetic

We love reminiscing about the influences of past decades. The ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s all inspire us to create something with vibrant nostalgia. Bright color palettes, bold gradients, gritty textures, and unexpected typefaces are some of the elements that allude to a blast from the past.

3. Expressive Typography

Distorted, custom, creative — typography is really pushing experimental boundaries this year. The goal is to challenge the traditional typeface space, where “custom” is king. Typefaces with expressive shapes to match the meaning of the text and distorted forms that make you analyze the text longer will dominate typography trends.

4. Vivid Minimalism

Using bold type and bright colors, this trend focuses on white space but with more emphasis on the elements used in the layout. We will see lots of minimalist, colorful layouts that convey a clean and happy message.

5. 3D Elements

Inspired by the rising world VR, AI, and motion, incorporating 3D art and illustration elevates the interest in a static layout. Design programs are making it easier than ever to add depth and perspective to typography and design elements to grab the audience’s attention.

6. Rebellious Design or “Anti-Design”

This trend is breaking traditional design principles to create an out-of-the-box aesthetic. Asymmetry, busy patterns, funky fonts, and clashing colors challenge the audience’s senses and push beyond a clean and organized comfort zone.

The Takeaway

Designers will be looking for more ways to create authenticity in an energetic, bold, and exciting way. We are only just scratching the surface with these 2023 graphic design trends. If you’re looking to refresh your brand design in 2023, the Esparza design team would love to schedule a consultation. Let’s chat!

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