2023 Super Bowl: The Ads We Can’t Wait to See

Summary: I think we can all agree most of us watch the Super Bowl for two reasons: the half-time show and the ads - This year we’re paying attention to a few SB ad trends.

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I think we can all agree most of us watch the Super Bowl for two reasons: the half-time show and the ads. As if Rihanna performing for halftime weren’t enough to get us to tune in, some of the biggest (and most expensive) ads of the year will be released during this year’s big game. As credentialed advertising nerds, we are here for it.

This year we’re paying attention to a few big trends in Super Bowl advertising.

  • Calling all Celebrities: This year we’re expecting an outright extravaganza of celebrity appearances. Maya Rudolf, Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston are just a few of the names that have been released, and we’re sure there will be a few surprise appearances as well. 
  • Let’s Drink! A host of new beer and alcohol advertisers will be entering the scene after AB InBev announced it would not renew its contact as the exclusive alcohol advertiser at the Super Bowl last summer. Crown Royal Coors are just a couple that we know will be appearing. 
  • Make it Social: With a price tag as high as $7 million for some 30-second spots at this year’s game, most Super Bowl advertisers are looking to release more than a simple ad—they want to make a scene. And social media is often the best way to do it. We’re expecting ads to encourage audience interaction on platforms like Twitter, Tik-Tok and Instagram.


Here are three of our most anticipated Super Bowl ads to watch out for in 2023.

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman Reunite | PopCorners

We wouldn’t be New Mexicans if we didn’t put this one at the top of our list of 2023’s most anticipated Super Bowl ads. The internet has been abuzz that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are reuniting, not for a new episode or a prequel, but for an ad for PopCorners. That blue and white bag the perfect product for the Breaking Bad universe. 

Everyone’s favorite Breaking Bad villain, Tuco Salamanca, is also rumored to be making an appearance. We can’t wait to see what they have in store. If the teaser spot is any indication, it’s going to be legendary … and quite expensive.

Maya Rudolf Replaces the Spokescandies | M&Ms

M&Ms recently took to Twitter to announce that they would be taking an indefinite “pause” from using their long-running Spokescandies after backlash on conservative news shows. Their replacement? None other than comedy titan Maya Rudolph. 

Shortly after, a series of videos was released on Twitter announcing that Rudolph’s face would replace the M on the candies and that the name would change to Ma&Yas. With M&Ms and Maya Rudolph set to air an ad in the first quarter of the game, we have a feeling this is all an elaborate ad set up… and we can’t wait to see it.  

Caddyshack Comes Back | Michelob Ultra

Michelob Ultra is bringing the star power this year with appearances by Serena Williams and Brian Cox from Succession. In a nod to the ‘80s, they’re hitting balls at Bushwood Country Club, the fictional club in Caddyshack. The end card teases that Bushwood is reopening and accepting new members. Six teasers and a :15 second spot have been released so far. 

Which ads are you most excited for?

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