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Next Steps: Experiential Campaign for Public Service Company of New Mexico

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Public Service Company of New Mexico

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PNM, the Public Service Company of New Mexico, is undertaking a very ambitious green energy program. Their plan is one of the most aggressive in the nation, and would make them 100% carbon-free by 2024.

In order to gain public support for their plan, PNM tasked Esparza with spreading the word in a way that would show support and create engagement with the community. Esparza created an exciting digital solution. With an interactive website, a TV spot to generate awareness, and strategic digital outdoor placements, Esparza created a way for the general public to learn more about PNM’s energy plan, and leave their mark of support. Each unique visitor to the site was prompted to leave their mark – a green footprint – to show their support. Every time a footprint was added, the digital outdoor boards would update, showing nearly real-time support for the proposed plan.

Ultimately, it took less than a week for the board to fill completely.

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