Vintage Esparza

Vintage Esparza

Happy holidays! After 21 years as an agency, we’re paying The Ghost of Ad Campaigns Past a visit. They say everything old is made new again, so check out these vintage campaigns from the Esparza vault.

MINI Cooper, 2015

For MINI Cooper, the challenge was to make something small, big! The solution: attach life sized replicas of the tiny but mighty car onto eye-catching billboards. The billboards made such a scene, that someone actually attempted to steal one of the fiber-glass replicas. What can we say? Everyone wants to steal our great ideas.

Big Wood, 2015

Our 2015 campaign for Big Wood’s natural beard products
focused on the type of man who would use big wood’s products: rugged but gentlemanly, adventurous but refined. In just a sentence we aimed to tell a larger-than-life story about his adventures.

Blake’s Lotaburger, 2020

The success of Popeye’s chicken sandwich and the subsequent Chicken Sandwich Wars over which fast food chain had the superior chicken sandwich, led to Blake’s Lotaburger launching their own sandwich in 2020. For Blake’s entry into the Chicken Sandwich Wars we armed them with cheeky copy, bombastic colors, and delicious product photography.

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