How to Create a TikTok Ad

Before a business can start creating an ad, TikTok has to approve them. This is a simple process:

TikTok asks you to sign up for a business account. It will ask you to fill out your current contact information.

TikTok ads are still not available everywhere so depending on where you are located, it will give you two options. You can select “Make a Reservation” or “Inform Me of Future Updates”.

A Tik Tok representative will email you to help you complete the process. You will be able to officially set up your account.


TikTok is a fast-growing platform that more and more businesses are starting to take advantage of for advertising purposes. Esparza recommends that all businesses, small or large, advertise on the platforms that pertain most to their target audiences. TikTok is an exciting platform particularly for niche companies. There is still uncertainty surrounding TikTok advertising, but TikTok continues to prove that it is a lucrative platform that is worth a bit of time and consideration.