“They’ve Started Preparing” – TV

This television spot highlighted the moment a mom realizes that it’s never too early to start preparing for her child’s future by saving with NM’s 529 College Savings Plan — The Education Plan.

“Money Coming Out Of Our Ears” – TV

To dramatize the point that there is basically no family that couldn’t benefit from opening a 529 College Savings Account, Esparza created this TV spot to highlight the one (mythical) family that doesn’t need to save for college because they literally have money coming out of their ears.

10% increase in opened accounts over a 12 month period.

“Four Times More Likely” – TV

Did you know that a college savings account with as little as $500 saved will make your child, grandchild, niece or nephew FOUR TIMES more likely to graduate college? Well, it’s true. These spots demonstrate a core truth of parenting – that while your children may be four times more likely to graduate with a college savings plan from The Education Plan, they probably won’t be four times more likely to do anything else you ask them to. 

“Starting Early” – TV

We all have high hopes and big dreams for our kids. Whether you’re the parents, grandparents, aunt or uncle, you have your sights set high for your kids. While your intentions are good, it’s probably more effective to just get a college savings plan from The Education Plan instead. 

“Advisors are Genies” – TV

Parents wish for many things for their kids, but what if those wishes could be granted by some type of financial genie? Well, that’s exactly what financial advisors are, financial genies; granting the wishes of parents who dream of their kids going to college. This spot shows the magical power of those financial genies, even if they can’t grant more wishes. 

“Part of a Balanced Portfolio” – TV

A 529 college savings plan from Scholar’s Edge is an excellent addition to any financial portfolio. In addition to helping your child go to college, these college savings plans can add diversity to your investment portfolio, bringing balance to your investments. Financial advisors get a special sense of satisfaction from providing their clients a balanced portfolio, this spot celebrates that satisfaction in the style of a 90’s cereal commercial.