Arbor Terrace – “Lost Memories”

Arbor Terrace is an assisted living facility that specializes in memory care. To create a connection with potential residents and their families, Esparza created this lenticular direct mail piece. As the viewer moves the piece, the photo of the family would fade, revealing just the landscape background and a message about the lost memory. 

When a loved one is dealing with memory loss, they will most likely have a family member as a caregiver. Esparza created these pharmacy bag placements in order to create a connection with the caregiver at a time when their loved one’s health issues would be top of mind. 

Arbor Terrace – “Hell No We Won’t Go”

Let’s face it–no one is eager to get moved into a senior living facility. That is…until they see how incredible the Arbor Terrace communities are. That’s the idea behind this print campaign, the initial resistance of a new resident being washed away by the thought that perhaps the Arbor Terrace communities aren’t all that bad after all. 

Arbor Terrace – “The Arbor at BridgeMill”