Welcome to Wonderland: Digital Campaign for Electric Playhouse

Electric Playhouse

How Electric Playhouse got its brand in front of 240K people

The Need

Using no goggles, headsets or glasses, Electric Playhouse transports its visitors to an immersive, interactive sensory wonderland. It’s a difficult experience to explain. Working on a short time line and with a small budget, they needed an agency that could distill their message and get it in front of the right audience ahead of their grand opening event.

The Solution

To do this, the Esparza creative team honed in on a key insight: How you feel at Electric Playhouse is more compelling than what you do there. What they are truly selling is a sense of escape. Building the creative on this emotional experience was key to the campaign creative. With the creative in place, a digital-first approach was supplemented by traditional media for a holistic awareness campaign. Each channel, including Facebook, Google, YouTube and Connected TV, was selected for a specific purpose related to the overall objective.

The Results

On February 10, 2020 Electric Playhouse had a successful grand opening that exceeded attendance expectations. More than 80K people visited the website in the two months leading up to the grand opening. Electric Playhouse’s Facebook and Instagram saw 240K video play throughs and 6K new Facebook followers over two months. 3.2K people RSVP’d for the Grand Opening event on Facebook.