The Education Plan: A Savings Plan for Everyone

The Education Plan

A Savings Plan for Everyone

The Need

The Education Plan is New Mexico’s 529 Plan – a tax-advantaged savings account designed for use by the account beneficiary’s higher education and education-related expenses. Every state offers a 529 plan, but residents are not limited to investing only within their state. A different plan may offer lower fees and perform better for account holders and beneficiaries. With the option to explore across state lines, the industry is very competitive and providing the correct information to the right audience is vital. To properly compete with other states’ 529 plans, especially those highly successful plans such as New York and Utah, The Education Plan needed a way to separate its messaging, benefits, and mission from competitors.

The Solution

With such a competitive industry, especially during a global pandemic and looming economic crisis, we sought a solution to maintain the already-achieved success. The Education Plan had to aggressively increase result-producing-momentum and become the 529 Plan. The Esparza team re-platformed, developed and deployed a fully re-imagined website along with a digital supporting strategy. The website now hosts a brand new Learning Center, an information hub full of resources, videos, glossaries, articles, and more to improve the user experience and educate all site visitors. The new site emphasizes mobile-specific user journeys, content-rich experiences, integration, and streamlined account management. In addition, the website design appears simple and easy to navigate while offering all target-audiences precise information fit for their needs.

The Results

Website Traffic: Sessions: +42% Users: +18% Conversion rate: 53.04% Growth: 55.5% from 2019 – 2022