The Art of Stucco: Branding and Integrated Campaign for Tesuque Stucco

Tesuque Stucco Company

The Art of Stucco

The Need

Tesuque Stucco Company, a locally owned and operated home exterior stucco restoration company in New Mexico, needed a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors as well as create a brand identity that resonated with their prospective clients and took their current brand to the next level.

The Solution

Esparza focused on what was most compelling to the target of high-income homeowners, which is the process that Tesuque uses to prepare and protect each home before and during stucco application. Compared to other local competitors, Tesuque Stucco treats each home like a work of “art”. With this concept in mind, Esparza created a logo that represented an artist’s signature, print ads, a fully re-designed website, employee t-shirts and other company collateral — all of which reflect “The Art of Stucco.”

The Results

Since the launch of the new brand collateral, Tesuque Stucco saw a 5% increase in leads and in their closing rate. Tesuque Stucco’s new website saw 1,900 visits, 1,600 of which were unique users, in its first 4 months.

Tesuque Stucco Co.



About the Work

Tesuque Stucco Co. is dedicated to the perfection of stucco. They are so dedicated, they elevate stucco to an art form. Esparza created a brand and campaign around the idea that to Tesuque, Stucco is an art.

Project Details


Tesuque Stucco Co.


“Art of Stucco” Campaign


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