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Not Blowing Smoke: Integrated Branding Campaign for Mountain West Sales

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Mountain West Sales

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How do you compete in an industry that’s dominated by companies three or four times your size? How do you create interest in products that are usually purchased by necessity? How do you create name recognition with a brand that most people haven’t heard of?

These are the questions that Mountain West Sales tasked us with answering. Their business is fireplaces, fireplace inserts and wood & pellet-burning stoves. With little name recognition to build upon, and giant, corporate competition, we knew the answer was going to have to be something out of the ordinary. 

The benefit that we had, was a great client. Mountain West Sales is made up of great, knowledgeable and honest people – so we knew that all we had to do was get customers to the door and the fantastic team at MWS would do the rest.

With that honest, helpful attitude in mind, we created the “We’re not blowin’ smoke” campaign around the idea that Mountain West Sales is an honest company, and their products are clean-burn efficient. The end result? A campaign that differentiates MWS from their competition, and establishes them as an approachable, honest, down-to-earth company that’s ok with not taking things too seriously. Oh, and a 40% improvement in traffic to the store.

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Mountain West Sales


“We’re Not Blowin’ Smoke”



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