New Mexico State Fair

How Esparza Helped Bring the State Fair Back to New Mexico

The Need

Reopening for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic forced live events to close, the 2021 New Mexico Fair was widely anticipated by New Mexicans eager to experience live music and public events again. Esparza was tasked with spreading statewide awareness for the fair to generate the largest turnout possible while battling a variety of variables, including unpredictable vaccine mandates and a public anxious about attending large, in-person events again.

The Solution

The NMSF and Esparza landed on the theme of ‘Back to the Fair’ which would capture a Back to the Future styled nostalgia for the ‘80s, while tapping into New Mexicans’ anticipation for live events and longing to get back to normal. The multichannel approach spanned digital, radio, print, television, and outdoor, to get the fair in front of as many eyes as possible. The team also targeted specific audiences likely to attend the fair, such as families, and those interested in rodeos, fairs, rides, local events, food, and live music. We created targeting models utilizing demographic and geographic information, search data, browsing patterns, online purchase history and app downloads.

The Results

In the Summer of 2021, The New Mexico State Fair had a successful run despite the obstacles in its way, with 275,467 people in attendance. Our campaign drove over 1M users to the State Fair’s website in the months leading up to the fair, resulting in 8.9K online ticket sales. An additional 9,608 MegaPasses were sold online, generating $269,024 in revenue. The digital campaigns generated over 12M impressions, and our combined print, TV, radio, and billboard efforts generated an additional 12M impressions.

Endless cooking in your own kitchen, all day staring at a screen full of tiny Zoom squares, meals and work and play and school, and countless bad haircuts-all from home. After a relentless year stuck inside, it’s time to get Back to the Fair and back to things we love-fried food, music, the rodeo, a carousel ride. Ass one of the first big events in a post-COVID world, the 2021 fair will be among New Mexicans first opportunity to get back out again. Let’s get back to living, back to fun, Back to the Fair.