Esparza Scene Process

Our process is client-inclusive, strategic and designed to provide the best possible results. We use this same process for all clients, regardless of their size or budget. Our goal is to create effective, memorable work by working together when it matters the most. 



Esparza meets with your team for an open, honest discussion about the challenges and opportunities facing your brand. Working together, we will drill down and find a core truth, utilizing research to analyze and gain insight on your target audience, as well as a competitive review and an audit of your current brand and marketing materials. Then, Esparza will set our team of strategists, media planners and creatives into motion to create a custom, comprehensive solution to your specific challenge.



Once the core strategy is approved, Esparza’s team will begin creating concepts designed to make a scene within your industry. These will be initial concepts, allowing you and your team to have input before any of the creative or media becomes finalized. Esparza’s goal is to leave the “Create” phase with a clear, complete picture of the campaign in its entirety.

Together, we will vet all of our concepts through Esparza’s proven key criteria, checking that all aspects of the campaign are ready to make a scene.



Armed with approved creative direction, Esparza will begin to execute the campaign. This is where the rubber meets the road as our superb team of creatives flex their artistic muscles to create beautiful, disruptive, pixel-perfect final pieces of creative. Everything from TV spots, websites, apps and logos come to life in this phase of the process.



The consumer advertising landscape is ever-changing, and because of this, it’s never been more important to constantly evaluate your campaign against current trends, media options, etc… Esparza will navigate this evolutionary landscape to ensure that the scene you’re making continues to be the scene you want to make, allowing you to focus more on running your business and less on worrying about the latest digital fad.

EA_Scene_E 1


While campaigns may eventually end, your need for consistently great marketing never will. As one campaign closes, we will sit down with you to assess the impact it made, and identify the next steps to ensure that another great, scene-making campaign will open. Esparza’s average client relationship lasts about eight years, and it’s our goal to be an effective, long-term strategic partner for your business.