Like Business, Advertising Thrives on Risk and Reward

Advertising’s number one goal is to present your business to potential customers in an unforgettable way. If your marketing always plays it safe, you might never reach that “unforgettable” stage.

Make a scene and you’ll be easy to remember, especially when you match it to your audience. Have you ever wondered why your favorite brands try to outdo each other every Super Bowl? Spots with Darth Vader using the Force to turn on a car or a trio of frogs chanting their favorite beer are about as risky as you can get. We remember them because these ads tap into something undeniably enjoyable. Brands don’t get that when they stick with product shots and lists of features.

People respond to emotion and excitement, but playing it safe doesn’t speak to anyone. Respect your brand enough to give it the creative splash it deserves. And, respect your customers enough to know that they’ll come to you after your ads have them hooked.

Risk Is Good Business Sense

Nearly every financial investor will tell you that you need a mix of investments with different risks and rewards. Advertising works much the same way.

Simple ads that focus on products and your company’s image are like the low-risk Treasury Bonds where you know your money is safe, but you only see small returns. These help build your brand as a household name but can take a significant amount of time and won’t give you a lead against competitors.

Out-of-the-box advertising is risky but can really pay off, just like picking the right technology stock. To improve the chances of hitting the stock market jackpot, people turn to smart financial firms. For ads, you need to turn to innovative marketers who know their way around experiential strategies and have strong creative portfolios.

Have No Fear

Embracing risk means getting rid of your fear and being opening to major successes.

The nation fell in love with Old Spice when it put Terry Crews in your bathroom and on a horse on the beach in its magical ads asking women to help their men smell like men. If Old Spice had held back and been afraid to jump in completely, the joke could have fallen flat.

If your advertising isn’t risky, you could be risking your business. It’s time to alleviate the fear around your business’s success by removing the fear keeping you from taking a risk.