You heard right folks; Esparza and all of its employees are certified Google Ad wizards! Well, we may not (all) be wizards, but we all are Google Certified and we can certainly do Ad magic. Esparza is now one of the few businesses in New Mexico to have received its Google Premier Partner Award, which means all of our employees have gone through Google’s Ad Certification programs.

Google is the internet’s primary search engine – if you advertise on the internet, chances are you are going to use Google. But when you think of banner advertisements or fifteen-second ads, one often neglects to think about what is going on behind each of those carefully crafted attempts to reach a potential customer. The world on the other side of that ad, the world of Google Advertising, can be quite a complicated one. From search engine optimization, to advertisement analytics, and digital sales techniques, being able to navigate Google’s offerings is essential for maximizing your business’ potential.

Fortunately, Esparza knows Google Advertising like an old family friend, almost too well. We are here to help you take your business to the next level, and as a testament to that, we put in the hard work as a team and got certified!

If you would like to learn a little more about Google’s Ad Certification program, or sign up yourself, visit their Ad Academy.