Casino Advertising Is No Gaming Matter

The secret to successful casino and gaming advertising is finding a way to distinguish your brand from the competition.

Often times, marketing messages for casinos focus on the current promotion or an upcoming concert. To consumers, these ads start to blend together and all look the same, so they can’t remember what event is happening at which casino.

This doesn’t make for very effective advertising.

New promotions, concerts, unique restaurant offerings, etc. are important for a casino to promote in order to drive repeat (or first-time) visits. However, it’s also important to ensure your gaming facility is simultaneously running brand-building ads that convey why your overall gaming experience is different from your competitors’.

The first step in making this happen is determining what it is that makes your casino unique. Your point of differentiation must be unique, believable, authentic and appealing to your primary target audience. It cannot be something like, “best customer service,” or “more winners,” or “most slot machines,” or “convenient parking” because most casinos can claim these things. You need to uncover what makes your casino truly special, and then creatively bring this to life in your brand-building marketing messages.

Some ideas to consider when developing your unique brand positioning include:

  • Embrace and celebrate the history of your physical location or building
  • Elaborate on the meaning behind the name of your casino
  • Hone in on and only cater to a niche audience (young adults, seniors, parents of young children, etc.)
  • Convey a certain status (the upscale casino, the “no frills” casino, the quiet casino, the “party-all-night” casino, etc.)

As a well-experienced gaming agency, Esparza knows how to help bring casino brands to life and develop robust marketing programs – that not only deliver timely promotional messages, but also necessary brand-building ones. Contact us today to learn more.