As a marketing student at UNM, I was eager to find an internship and learn as much about the industry as I could.

After looking at Esparza’s website and seeing their work along with their numerous awards, I knew where I wanted to work. Now that I’ve been in the office for 2 months, here are some things worth sharing that you wouldn’t be able to tell from outside the big yellow building!

A view from the inside.

The Think Tank

Esparza’s clients basically hire them to be a marketing think tank capable of solving all types of problems. However, you may not know that Esparza actually has a real think tank inside their office as well. It’s a place where anyone can just sit, dream (and even draw on the windows). 


A view from the inside.

The Pool Table

This looks like just a pool table, but in actuality it’s really where most of the strategies and creative ideas come to life. (Also of note, while it happens to be located in the Creative Director’s office – he is ironically miserable at pool.)


A view from the inside.

The Chalkboard Door

Every agency has a front door, but Esparza’s is a little different. All of Esparza’s clients are welcomed inside with their own custom logo rendered in chalk. On Mother’s Day this year, Esparza offered to create custom messages on their door for their clients. 


A view from the inside.

The Parking Lot Grill

Most offices have a simple Pot Luck occasionally – but at Esparza, they have a full BBQ lunch every other Friday during the summer in their parking lot. Expect to find burgers, dogs, green chile and something really sweet made by Hannah Hand (Account Executive/Resident Master Baker).

A view from the inside.

The Cat in the Wall

Yes, you read that right. This little guy made a surprise appearance in the intern’s office and made everyone’s day with his adorable self. He was promptly adopted into a loving home (after posing for a bunch of fun pictures with everyone).