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At Esparza, Delivering Certainty is so much more than a tagline. It’s a charge every Esparzan is given. In a notoriously unpredictable industry, we work with our clients to define their certainty and create a roadmap to reaching it.

That certainty is always a quantifiable, tangible goal, so we can measure success. It holds us accountable, so we stay laser focused on meeting your goals.

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E-commerce Expertise

In his forward to The Next Dinosaur, Drew McLellan, agency owner, consultant, and speaker, writes, “People had goals. Companies had strategies…. But then 2020 happened. And it changed everything.”

Our agency’s founder, Del Esparza’s, new book grapples directly with this change. The Next Dinosaur is about the necessity of e-commerce and how you can keep your business from going extinct. This book can help you understand the ins and outs of search engine optimization. It can help you fulfill your customers’ physical orders, as well as their emotional needs. It can help you understand analytics to evaluate the performance of your online business, so that you can continue to adapt and improve. In short, The Next Dinosaur is a guide not just on how to stay alive, but on how to thrive in the world of e-commerce.

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Embracing Potential

Integrative campaign for New Mexico partnership

New Mexico is a land of potential. Past the iconic landscape and storied past is a dynamic state ruled by possibility. This campaign created for New Mexico Partnership sought to highlight this and generate new business leads through a varied and multi-faceted campaign as different as the state we call home.

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What Our Clients Say

“I can’t thank Esparza enough for the incredible work they performed.  I really appreciate the time and effort spent with us to let us express our intent and then to bring it to life.”

Jim Garcia – Vice President, Hispano Chamber of Commerce

“I appreciate Esparza’s hard work and willingness to dig-in on tight timelines to pull everything together.”

Ray Sandoval - Corporate Communication Director, PNM

“Esparza was a critical partner as we opened a new property and launched a new brand. From the initial rebrand and through our ongoing campaigns, their team takes the time to understand our needs, goals and audience. Gaming is a competitive industry. The Esparza team gets it. Their focus on results and new strategies keeps us ahead of the curve.”

Tim Brown – CEO, Tesuque Casino

“Esparza consistently delivers inspired, strategic marketing and communications that resonate with our current customers and target audiences. Their team is as committed to our goals as we are. We don’t just have an agency with Esparza, we have a partner.”

Sandra Mead – Marketing Director, First American Bank

“I appreciate Esparza’s hard work and willingness to dig-in on tight timelines to pull e “We are so very blessed to work with such a great team with such amazing talent!!”

Shannon Biddle - Co-Owner, Tesuque Stucco

“Our overall branding efforts, advertising, external website content, and printed materials for patients and their families were much improved and extremely effective thanks to Esparza’s insight, direction, and implementation of tactics.”

Amy Getchell - Marketing Director, Memorial Medical Center

“Effective, responsible, knowledgeable.  I have only good things to say about Esparza Digital +  Advertising.   Highly recommended if you are looking for great marketing solutions that are delivered on time and within budget.

Kurt Shipley - President, Blue Cross Blue Shield

“Extremely solid solutions to help drive our growth.  They are always providing us with insight and perspective that differentiate us from our competition.”

Bill Raynor - 529 Market Director, Oppenheimer

“We developed a great partnership with Esparza.  They provide smart, data driven solutions that help us achieve our goals on a consistent basis. “

Synthia Jaramillo - Director of Economic Development, City of Albuquerque

“We are experiencing a dramatic increase in leads and new accounts as a result of the website and digital strategy developed and managed by Esparza. They consistently come to us with new ideas that are cutting-edge and provide us with the tools needed to stand out from our competition. They are as committed to achieving our goals as we are – a true extension of our marketing team. And, Esparza’s talented team of professionals is a pleasure to work with.”

Carolyn Fittipaldi - Marketing Director, The Education Plan

“Understanding the culture of a product, campaign or company is critical to developing inspirational concepts! Esparza has been a wonderful partner in working alongside me to launch a number of key initiatives related to my career and foundation. They are great listeners and deliver exceptional solutions.”

Notah Begay III - PGA Professional Golfer and Commentator , PGA

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